DAN HERZ ​​​​​​​​Productions
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Head of Video, Brit + Co                                                                          04/2016 – 08/03/2017
San Francisco, California
  • ​Oversee Brit + Co Video operations
  • Executive Produce sponsored and original video series
  • Develop partnerships with talent and production companies
  • Oversee and ensure quality of all video content and be a key stakeholder in the site experience, working with Product and Marketing to define the roadmap
  • Manage, develop, and grow the team, developing consistently high levels of operational excellence
  • Oversee two teams of original and sponsored content development consisting of 15 full-time staffers and 5 contractors
Vice President of Programming & Production, Net2TV                              09/2012 – 09/2015
Redwood City, California
  • Oversee all aspects of video production for Net2TV – a pioneering over-the-top television startup that works with top media brands to create and distribute OTT television programs to mobile devices and connected TVs.  Programming includes shows based on content from The Associated Press, Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Popular Science, Cooking Light, Field & Stream, Cycle World and Saveur magazines.
  • Was the first employee hired and built the production team and production facilities from the ground up.
  • Manage staff of 8 full-time employees, 15 contractors and supervise the production and distribution of 16 weekly and 2 daily shows across a multitude of platforms including Roku, smart TV’s, tablets and mobile devices. 
  • Oversaw design and build of green screen studio and production facility.
  • Manage relationships with key partners including Time Inc., Bonnier Corporation and Meredith Corporation.
  • Oversee creation of award-winning shows with very limited budgets and tight deadlines.
Owner/Principal, Dan Herz Productions                                                  01/2008 - Present
Mill Valley, California
  • Manage and execute all phases of media production projects for broadcast, corporate and web-based clients.
  • Responsible for client relations, pre-production, field production, directing, scripting, videography, editing.
  • Projects include: Writer/Producer for Discovery Channel crime show, Field Producer/Writer for national PBS documentary featuring an 86 year old female Kung Fu master in China, National CTA commercial spots, Marketing Videos for Tetris, Ca. State Parks, Dominican University, Saybrook University and LIOS Graduate School, Fundraising Videos for Hearst Foundation, Generocity Partners and several non-profits.
Director of Video, Common Sense Media
San Francisco, California                                                                          09/2010 – 05/2011
  • Oversaw all aspects of video production for Common Sense Media – a non-profit organization that provides media & technology guidance and information for parents and families.
  • Managed staff of 6 and supervised the distribution of video products across VOD and online platforms.
  • Oversaw design and build of new studio and production facility.
E xecutive Producer, PBS/KQED: OpenRoad TV                                      11/2008 – 08/2009
Sausalito, California
  • Oversaw the creation and launch of  “OpenRoad: Exploring the West”, a nationally syndicated travel show for PBS.
  • Responsible for managing staff and all aspects of production including creation of original graphics and music.
Executive Producer, KRON Channel 4: Bay Area Backroads                     11/2001 – 8/2008
San Francisco, California
  • Bay Area Backroads is a weekly half-hour travel and adventure show
  • Responsible for overseeing and managing Bay Area Backroads franchise including 2 weekly half hour shows, primetime specials, website and elements for KRON newscasts.
  • Supervised and scheduled freelance producers, editors & photographers in addition to a full-time staff of 10.
  • Created programming and franchise elements that offered new sponsorship opportunities.
  • Worked with sales department to maintain sponsorship relationships.
  • Reviewed and edited all scripts and stories.
  • Responsible for managing expenses and keeping show on budget.
Senior Producer, KRON Channel 4: Bay Area Backroads Great Race        08/2002 – 01/2003
San Francisco, California
  • Co-created and oversaw all aspects of production for The Great Race, a 2 hour primetime reality show.
  • Segment Producer, KRON Channel 4: Bay Area Backroads                      03/1996 – 01/2001
  • Pre-produced, field produced/directed, wrote and supervised editing of feature stories for Bay Area Backroads show, primetime specials and KRON newscasts
EDUCATION:   B.A. Psychology, University of California at Davis